Participants will submit their contribution in one of the ECCOMAS thematic fields:

  • Computational Solids and Structural Mechanics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Computational Applied Mathematics
  • Scientific Computing
  • Industrial Aplications and Challenges

The conference organizing committee will arrange the contributions in mini-symposia according to their specific topic. Junior scientists working in every specific field will be contacted to act as chairpersons and to give a 30-minutes introductory talk on the topic of each mini-symposium.

In order to help classification of the contributions, the authors are asked to provide a few keywords associated to their submission, selected in the list below.

In order to allow significant participation in all mini-symposia, only two parallel sessions will be organized. 

Talks dealing with benchmarks will be appreciated and welcome.

Computational Solids and Structural Mechanics
Materials science (composites, soft tissues, shape memory, polymers, porous media)
Beams, plates and shells
Contact, friction, plasticity, fracture and damage mechanics
Structural stability
Multiscale modeling (mesomodels, micromechanics)

Computational Fluids Dynamics
High order schemes
Moving mesh methods
Multi-material and multi-phase flows
Compressible and unsteady flows

Computational Applied Mathematics
Approximation techniques (FEM,FV,DEM,BEM,PUM and meshless methods, isogeometric analysis)
Domain decomposition methods
High order methods
Coupling strategies (Fluid-structure interaction, multi-model, multiscale)
Optimal control
Error estimation and mesh/modeling adaptation
Stochastic approaches, Uncertainty quantification
Inverse problems
Model reduction

Scientific Computing (specific session on Wednesday)
Parallel computing
Code development
High Performance Computing
Image processing
Mesh generation

Industrial Applications and Challenges
Engineering optimization
CAD Integration
Multiscale and multiphysics applications
Processes and manufacturing
Crash and impact simulation

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